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Animal Models for Influenza Vaccine/Drug Evaluation

Creative Diagnostics offers custom services to develop animal models for influenza vaccine/drug evaluation, especially on mice and ferrets. Our experienced scientists and technicians have created a comprehensive workflow platform to elucidate the efficiency of the animals' reaction on the vaccine precaution and drug treatment.

Animal models always play an unexclusive role in the human disease research and medical field. If a drug/vaccine candidate is submitted for a human test, it must undergo the repeatable and rigorous animal experiment first. In the influenza research field, mouse and ferret are two mainly used animal models.

Mouse model

Due to the low cost, easy handling, and clear gene background of mice, several mouse-adapted influenza strains have been used for certain kinds of vaccines and drug tests on mice models.

Ferret model

Without animal passaging adaption, most influenza strains can replicate on ferrets' respiratory tracts. Ferrets display all the key symptoms of influenza infection and the similar virus shedding patterns. Thus, ferret is a popular choice of evaluating the pan-function of the new drug and universal vaccine at the pre-clinical stage.

Animal-models-for-influenza-studiesFigure 1. Animal models for influenza studies.

Animal monitoring and sample collection

We offer a health monitoring program tailored to your project goals and vital point-in-time sample collection. For the vaccine study, the animals used to be vaccinated and boosted and then be challenged with the interested virus strains. We will provide the stable environment and monitor the animals' health conditions. The blood sample of pre-vaccine and the vaccine time points can be collected.

Influenza-vaccine-efficiency-evaluation-studyFigure 2. Influenza vaccine efficiency evaluation study.

  • Clinical Scores: temperature (only on ferret model) and change in bodyweight.
  • Survival: dead animals and animals with a weight loss of 20% or more (euthanasia) are recorded as dead.
  • Tissue/Blood sample collection: the required tissues are collected by customized protocols, such as tissue pieces, fixed tissue in formalin solution, and homogenate.
  • Viral load titration: the virus titers in tissues or/and nasal wash are evaluated by TCID50.

Histopathological section

Creative Diagnostics offers animal experiment tissue sections prepared from paraffin and frozen tissue blocks. We provide the data of routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining, which is widely used in histology and cytology. If you want specific biomarkers or tissue stain method, please contact our support team.

Serological test

Creative Diagnostics offers methods to separate the sera from blood samples and titrate specific antibody levels. Micro-neutralization assays, HAI assays and ELISA assays are available. Please contact our support team to explore more.

Cytokines tests

Real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction assay(qPCR). We offer custom genetic testing using customer probes.

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). We have a comprehensive ELISA kit production set for your project goals. And we can also customize the ELISA procedure for your specific requirements.

Flow cytometry. Flow cytometry service can quickly measure a series of important biophysical and biochemical characteristics of cells. For the influenza virus related animal experiment, it is common to analyze PBMCs by flow cytometry. We provide cell profiling and sub setting, detection, and quantitative analysis of phenotypic characteristics of rare cells, antigen-specific flow cytometry, cell sorting analysis, cytokine analysis, and Immunophenotyping. 

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