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Cell-based ELISA

The screening of antiviral activity of compounds can be done by several methods, some of which are low-throughput, such as the plaque reduction method, which is a time-consuming, laborious, and subjective measurement. On the other hand, some of the reported screening methods for anti-infection compounds are quantitative and high-throughput, but they often use new technologies, such as expensive equipment and software, which limit their use. To bypass these problems, we can use cell-based ELISA (also called in situ ELISA) to screen antiviral drugs for influenza A virus, varicella-zoster virus, dengue virus, human cytomegalovirus, etc. Compared with the untreated control, the abundance of viral proteins in infected cells treated with the test article was used to measure antiviral activity. Cell-based ELISA is suitable for automation, using materials and reagents commonly used in many laboratories, providing objective and fast results. The analysis is standardized and validated.

Cell-based ELISA allows researchers to cast a large net to identify all compounds that directly act on viral proteins or host proteins. In addition, at any stage of the virus life cycle, from the initial attachment to the release of nascent virus particles, the active compound can be identified. Because, in this analysis, by definition, effective compounds can directly interact with cells and viral proteins. Cytotoxicity data can be easily obtained by performing viability analysis on the replication plate but without virus infection.

Creative Diagnostics offers comprehensive services for cell-based ELISA, measuring the reduction of viral antigen in infected cells using an anti-virus antibody or compound.

Our Procedures

Cell-based ELISA

Our Features

  • Always evaluate fixative reagents and cell density per well for client’s project.
  • Define the MOI for each virus serotype and the time of incubation after infection.
  • Automation available to provide objective and rapid results.

Our Capabilities

  • Dengue virus (DENV)
  • Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV)
  • Human influenza A virus
  • Varicella-zoster virus (VZV)
  • (Other viruses or microorganisms may be available on request)

We combine infection and analytical expertise to provide our clients with the most powerful portfolio of antiviral and antimicrobial in vitro testing services. Facing an increasing demand for new antiviral and antimicrobial compounds for the treatment of infectious diseases, Creative Diagnostics can test these compounds in vitro to determine their potential efficacy in vivo models.


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Creative Diagnostics provides expertise in antiviral (or antibacterial) assays and cell-based antiviral (or antibacterial) compound screening to other biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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