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High Throughput Screening (HTS) Service

For decades, the development of antiviral, antibacterial, and other therapeutic drugs has focused on scientific and medical research, especially with the emergence of pathogens resistant to many broad-spectrum antibiotics. In addition to the emergence of drug-resistant pathogens, there are many pathogens for which no therapeutic agent is currently available. Until recently, the most common drug discovery method was still the "pathology" method or "rational drug design". It requires understanding disease pathogenesis to find drugs that can specifically block or inhibit the infection process. High-throughput screening is based on this traditional method, which can be applied for large-scale and rapid drug screening.

Targeted/selective screening

Targeted or selective screening is a method for finding compounds, small molecules, or drugs that selectively bind or inhibit specific target proteins. In virus research, targeted screening focuses on finding a compound that will prevent specific interaction with target pathogen proteins between host cells-virus or virus-virus. This type of screening can be done in many ways.

High Throughput Screening (HTS) Services Figure 1. Schematic overview of the high-throughput screening (HTS) for the determination of the bacterial interactive metabolites using the E. coli K-12 Keio collection. (Jina Heo, et al.; 2020)

One method is to use a three-dimensional model on a silicon wafer.

Our service includes:

  • We can assist in selecting compounds based on the crystal structure of the target molecule and the information in the library of available and virtual compounds.
  • If there is known information about the ligand of the protein of interest, Creative Diagnostics can search for similar properties and binding characteristics.
  • Identify and select compounds with a high probability of interacting with the target protein.

Another method of targeted screening is to screen compound libraries against target proteins.

Our service includes:

  • Find agonist compounds that promote protein-protein interactions
  • Find antagonist compounds that inhibit protein-protein interactions

This type can be done in various ways, including using a cell-free system and screening on silicon chips or pathways.

Diversity screening

Diversity screening is a method based on discovering compounds, small molecules, or drugs that can inhibit viral replication or pathogenic effects at any level. It involves a much wider range of targets compared with the targeted/selective screening.

Our service includes:

  • Identify compounds that interfere with the pathogenesis of the agent at any time during the infection process
  • Provide diverse screening including natural compounds, peptides, drugs, and synthetic compound libraries
  • Provide screening for potential drug re-uses only with currently FDA-approved drugs

Diversity screening has been performed to identify small molecule inhibitors of yellow fever virus, dengue virus, and New World virus in the early testing and development stage.

RNAi screening

RNAi was first described in Caenorhabditis elegans and then proved in 2001 to silence genes in mammalian cells. The siRNA/shRNA is incorporated into the RNA-induced silencing complex and binds to the target mRNA to induce the cleavage and degradation of the mRNA's endonucleic acid and prevent the mRNA from being translated into protein.

High Throughput Screening (HTS) ServicesFigure 2. Workflow for high-throughput RNAi screening experiments in primary human MSCs. (Erdmann G, et al. 2015)

Our service includes:

  • Provide HIV-based lentiviral vectors to deliver shRNA to cell lines
  • Provide a high-throughput virus screening mechanism based on RNAi

The whole-genome RNA interference screen has been used to study the pathogenesis of HIV, HCV, West Nile virus, influenza virus, and mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Our Advantages

  • The advanced technology platform can screen antibacterial or antiviral candidates in large quantities and quickly.
  • Scientific quality control and detailed screening report feedback
  • Competitive price in the market of high throughput screening services
  • Ensure 24/7 online service

We combine infection and analytical expertise to provide our clients with the most powerful portfolio of antiviral and antimicrobial in vitro testing services. Facing an increasing demand for new antiviral and antimicrobial compounds for the treatment of infectious diseases, Creative Diagnostics can test these compounds in vitro to determine their potential efficacy in vivo models.


  1. Erdmann G, et al. Functional fingerprinting of human mesenchymal stem cells using high-throughput RNAi screening. Genome Med. 2015; 7(1): 46.


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