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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Pseudovirus Development & Production

Immunogenicity evaluation is an important part of clinical research on HPV preventive vaccines. In WHO guidelines, it is recommended neutralizing antibody levels as an indicator of vaccine protection. The standard methods of titrating anti-HPV activity are essential for the antibody, drug, and vaccine development, such as direct ELISA, single-epitope competition ELISA and pseudovirus neutralization method. Since HPV virus is difficult to cultivate in vitro, pseudoviruses are constructed by genetic engineering technology to replace the real HPV virus, which can directly reflect the protective effect of its antibodies in vitro. The pseudovirus encapsulating green fluorescent protein is easy to be utilized for the titration assays.

Creative Diagnostics has launched a full series of HPV pseudovirion-based neutralization assay (PBNA) for measuring neutralizing anti-HPV antibodies. Pseudovirus are produced in 293FT cells using three plasmids, encoding the antigenically correct HPV L1 protein, the HPV L2 protein, and a GFP reporter gene. Pseudovirus are capable of a single round of infection and carry a plasmid that expresses GFP optical reporter gene upon infection, which are easy to process high-throughput screening test.

Table 1.HPV pseudovirus product.

Cat. No. Product Name Reporter
PSVG-HPV6 Pseudotyped GFP HPV6 GFP
PSVG-HPV11 Pseudotyped GFP HPV11 GFP
PSVG-HPV16 Pseudotyped GFP HPV16 GFP
PSVG-HPV18 Pseudotyped GFP HPV18 GFP
PSVG-HPV31 Pseudotyped GFP HPV31 GFP
PSVG-HPV33 Pseudotyped GFP HPV33 GFP
PSVG-HPV35 Pseudotyped GFP HPV35 GFP
PSVG-HPV39 Pseudotyped GFP HPV39 GFP
PSVG-HPV45 Pseudotyped GFP HPV45 GFP
PSVG-HPV51 Pseudotyped GFP HPV51 GFP
PSVG-HPV52 Pseudotyped GFP HPV52 GFP
PSVG-HPV56 Pseudotyped GFP HPV56 GFP
PSVG-HPV58 Pseudotyped GFP HPV58 GFP
PSVG-HPV59 Pseudotyped GFP HPV59 GFP
PSVG-HPV68 Pseudotyped GFP HPV68 GFP

We also provide the HPV pesudovirus developing service. The expression protein sequences, reporter, and vector type can be customized. For the further information, please contact us.

Why Use Our Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Pseudovirus

  • Instead of using authentic viruses, pseudovirions with an encapsidated reporter can be used to avoid high risks and provide more direct measurements for antibodies.
  • Validated in neutralization assays
  • Superior quality and competitive pricing
  • Pseudovirus (PsV) encapsulating a GFP reporter plasmid can be used to develop a high-throughput in vitro neutralization assay in a 96-well plate format.

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