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Otitis Media Model

Otitis media (OM) is an inflammation of the middle ear (ME) caused by a bacterial infection, which affects a large part of the population every year, has a very high incidence, and brings a huge social burden. Most patients are infants and children, so antibiotics are mostly prescribed as treatment. The pathogenesis of OM is mainly attributed to middle ear infection caused by infectious pathogens that initially colonized the oral cavity/nasopharynx. Acute otitis media (AOM) usually causes fever and pain in the early stage, which is caused by the accumulation of inflammatory exudate in the middle ear. The increase in tympanic membrane pressure affects the ossicles in the middle ear, resulting in a decrease in conductive hearing acuity. AOM usually recovers on its own. However, in some patients, persistent infection can lead to chronic otitis media (COM), which is accompanied by more serious complications. The research of OM is mainly advanced through experiments on rodents (including chinchillas, gerbils, ferrets, and rats). In these animals, lesions similar to acute human OM can be identified. Experiments conducted on these outbred laboratory animals are useful for the evaluation of vaccines and interventions, but the research on the detailed genetic and immunological characteristics of host responses is limited. In contrast, the advantage of the mouse model is that it has widely available reagents (for example, antibodies against each molecule) and a well-established inbred population, thereby promoting the study of pathogenesis, immune response, and protection.

Creative Diagnostics believes that animal models are very useful for studying human diseases because in vitro studies cannot reflect the full range of anatomical and physiological effects. The use of laboratory animals in biomedical research is a key factor in the development of new prevention methods and the treatment of infectious and non-communicable diseases. Our experienced professional team can provide standard in vivo prediction models of otitis media for drug discovery and treatment efficacy studies that need to be developed and validated.

Otitis Media Model

Our Procedures

  • Prepare bacterial strains and growth
  • Bacterial inoculation
  • Infection tracking: auditory brainstem response (ABR), distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE), etc.
  • Treatment
  • In vivo grading of infection
  • Histology & microscopy
  • Statistics

Our Services

  • Otitis media animal model development
    • Strains: S. pneumoniae, H. influenzae, M. catarrhalis, P. aeruginosa, S. pyogenes and their combinations or upon your request.
    • Disease stages: acute otitis media models, cholesteatoma models and otitis media with effusion models.
    • Animal species: rat, mouse, chinchilla, gerbil, guinea pig.
  • Monitor and record histopathological changes of the ME during inflammation
  • Infection tracking
  • In vitro drug susceptibility testing
  • PK/PD analysis

Our Advantages

  • Custom animal model development
  • Various inoculation methods available
  • Full report and timely result delivery

Creative Diagnostics is a full-service contract research organization specializing in microbiology and preclinical infectious disease research. The correct animal model provides unlimited possibilities for drug discovery and human health advancement. At Creative Diagnostics, we believe that providing clients with the best animal model solutions is the most effective way to promote key research from creativity to reality. We guarantee that the animal models required in research are strictly regulated to ensure responsible, ethical, and humane treatment.


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