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Tape Stripping

Tape stripping is a simple and effective method for evaluating the quality and efficacy of cosmetic and dermatological preparations. After topical application and penetration of the formulation, an adhesive film is used to continuously remove the cell layer of the stratum corneum from the same skin area. The strip contains a certain amount of keratinocytes and a corresponding amount of osmotic agent, which can be determined by classical analytical chemistry methods. Different formulas will seriously affect the amount of cuticle removed by each tape.

Mammal skin is divided into two layers: epidermis and dermis. The epidermis can prevent the penetration of water and act as a barrier to prevent pathogens and prevent infection. The dermis provides a fixed location for the skin appendages on the skin. Dermal infections involve the dermis, the dense inner layer of skin under the epidermis. These skin infections are caused by microbial invasion, and the manifestation and severity of the infection vary according to the treatment time, pathogen invasion and the immune response caused. Under normal circumstances, the dermis is protected by the epidermis and will not be infected by microorganisms. However, when the epidermis is damaged, such as peeling by tape, it will give microorganisms the opportunity to invade the dermis. In severe cases, skin infections can progress to the underlying soft tissues or become systemic infections. To evaluate the pharmacodynamic relationship between new antibacterial drugs and infection outcomes, Creative Diagnostics established an animal infection model for research.

Our Procedures

We have established a variety of tape peel skin infection models in mice. In this model, surgical tapes of different formulas can be repeatedly pasted on the back of the mouse and removed from the back of the mouse to achieve the effect of destroying the epidermis of the skin to varying degrees. The animals are then topical inoculation by pathogen. The test candidate compound can be administered by topical application, oral gavage (PO), subcutaneous (SC), intraperitoneal (IP) or intravenous (IV) injection. Each study parameter (animal strain, pathogen, comparator and dosing schedule) can be customized to meet customer needs.

Our Services

The endpoints of the model are the clinical score of the spread of herpes simplex virus infection and the score of the CFU burden of bacterial infection of harvested skin.

  • Build customizable infection models
  • Provide in vivo antimicrobial evaluation services
  • Detect changes in CFU burden in the skin
  • Blood chemistry
  • Exposure-Response Studies
  • Infected and non-infected blood/tissue PK studies (i.e. Brain, lung, soft tissue, and bone)
  • Single- and multiple-dose PK studies
  • Dose fractionation studies
  • Time course studies
  • Other tissue harvest and histological analysis

Our Advantages

  • Ensure high efficiency and quality for tape stripping model services
  • Competitive price in the market of tape stripping model services
  • Ensure 24/7 online service
  • Timely result feedback

Creative Diagnostics is a full-service contract research organization specializing in microbiology and preclinical infectious disease research. The correct animal model provides unlimited possibilities for drug discovery and human health advancement. At Creative Diagnostics, we believe that providing clients with the best animal model solutions is the most effective way to promote key research from creativity to reality. We guarantee that the animal models required in research are strictly regulated to ensure responsible, ethical, and humane treatment.


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